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Video and Digital Documenting

A Video Document is a very powerful instrument.  Our Video Documents have repeatedly been admitted into court as evidence on behalf of our clients.  Our Video Documents have literally provided the  “smoking gun”  that was needed to convince the judge or jury that our clients were in fact entitled to everything they claimed they were.  Our Video Documents can help you too.


Did you purchase a home only to find out after moving in that there is a mold problem?  The previous owner said nothing.  The realtor said nothing.  The home inspector said nothing.  You’ve been told by mold remediation companies that it will take thousands of dollars to correct the problems caused by this mold.  You’ve called the previous owner.  You’ve called the realtor and the home inspector.  You know that you should have been made aware of the mold condition before you purchased the house, but you weren’t.  And what’s worse is that the previous owner, realtor and home inspector won’t even talk to you about it.


It now seems that the only way you will be able to find some means of corrective relief is to take someone to court.
And what you need is a  “smoking gun”. Let Environmental Inspections Dynamics help you.