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Since you sought our services, it is a foregone conclusion that you either suspect you have a mold problem or the potential thereof. We cannot give you a quotation for our mold inspection services without doing a comprehensive phone survey appraisal of your past and current situation. This is done at no charge. 


Our Assessments, or PSA's (Point Specific Mold Assessment), start at $225. Full mold inspections start at $395. (in our base area)  Minimal time required for Full Mold Inspection is 2 hrs. Narrative reports with associated and annotated picture references, and the results of the mold test samplings are returned in 24-36 hours via e-mail.


Tell us what type of service(s) you are intersted in. For example, Full Mold Inspection, Point Specific Mold Assessment, Mold Survey, Mold Testing, Consultation, etc.


Point Specific Mold Assessment

PSA's (Point Specific Mold Assessment), start at $225.


Click the icon above to review a Point Specific Mold Assessment Sample

Full mold inspections start at $395.

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