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Environmental Indoor Air Quality

Sick House Symptoms?

Even though Mold Allergens are our primary focus in the Environmental Field, there are other IAQ  (Indoor Air Quality)  issues to be concerned with.  When the question arises,  “Is your house making you sick?” , then these other following issues may be contributory. The newer environmental concern is C.I.R.S. Watch the video on the Home Page, "What's New."


If you live in Naperville, Oswego, Montgomery, Aurora, Plainfield, Yorkville, Sugar Grove (our base area) or others, Environmental Inspection Dynamics  can help you with the following:


We use these accredited laboratories for analysis of the various samplings, tests and reporting formats.


Just like the equipment we use, Environmental Inspections Dynamics and consultants use only the best. EMLab P&K is the leading commercial indoor air quality testing laboratory in North America.