Mold growth is a significant occupational safety and health issue. Its assessment identifies the location and the extent of mold in an indoor environment before effective and appropriate remediation.


Air Spore Trap Impact Sampling tests the air in the environment you breathe for mold spore content.  A mold spore is about 1/10 the size of a human hair and is quite ubiquitous.


Sick House Symptoms? Even though Mold Allergens are our primary focus in the Environmental Field, there are other IAQ  (Indoor Air Quality)  issues to be concerned with. 


Thermal Imaging, also known as Infrared Thermagrophy, are visual displays of the amount of infrared energy emitted, transmitted, and reflected by an object. Thermal imaging involves the use of high tech cameras that create pictures of heat rather than light. We are Level 1



Video Documents repeatedly admitted as evidence on behalf of our Clients:  Judges and juries say our Video Documents provided a needed  "smoking gun"  in  Cases from Naperville, Oswego, Montgomery, Plainfield, Yorkville, Sugar Grove, Aurora and more.


We believe that educating the public is very important and part of our responsibility as certified mold professionals and consultants. We offer group information sessions to associations, neighborhoods, businesses and other organizations interested in hosting an educational seminar. Our Mold 101 seminar is

done free at schools and churches.



At Environmental Inspections Dynamics, keeping the health concerns of our clients is the highest priority! We adhere to strict protocols of our mold inspection and mold testing services.


Our consultants have an expansive knowledge base and excel in promulgating this knowledge to our clients. We pride ourselves in developing efficient, comprehensive reports and services that go beyond our client’s expectations.


By putting the above points into effect we at Environmental Inspections Dynamics consultants have built a strong company with top of the class personnel dedicated to achieving and refining our goals to the highest possible standards in the Indoor Environmental  arena of mold inspection, mold testing, and moisture damage & leakage assessments.

Kevin Cuyler, President
Environmental Inspection Dynamics


We are releasing a new series of FYI videos aimed to help educate homeowners about mold and other environmental concerns.


We will post a new video each month.  This month's video is about Constantly sick and don't know why? It may be C.I.R.S.


If you want to know more, then watch the next video. It will expand and explain more on C.I.R.S. 




Do you have Mold in your Home? Do you need an Estimate for a mold inspection? We Can Help. For a Free Estimate or to speak to a  Certified Mold Inspector or to schedule an inspection, please call us at 630-220-3362.  We normally return calls within 15 minutes during normal business hours.

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